Am I A Border Collie??!!

Today I had my 6 month check up. I weighed 36 pounds. I am now big enough to be a standard Aussie. My doctor said I looked like a Border Collie. She thought so, too! He suggested we get a Wisdom Panel done. In case you don't know, it is a doggie DNA test. Mom was ahead of him.

. She actually had two of them done. One when I was about 4 monthes old and the other, a more comprehensive one, when I was about 8-1/2 months. They both gave the same results. Let's see what they said!

Which one do you think I look like? The black tricolor Australian Shepherd like I was advertised, the Border Collie, like the doctor and Mom said I looked like, or the Dalmation? Well, it turns out that I may be all three!

Now this part is incredible. I never sent them a picture of me. Look what they said!

They did some DNA tests for some genetic mutations. Both came out clear.

Then they did my estimated weight. I'm almost 10 months old now.

I don't think I'll ever be 69 pounds, for one reason, I'm a female! The Aussie females are 35–55 lbs and the Border Collie females 27–42 lbs. The Dalmations are about the same as the Aussies, 35–53 lbs. And, I'm almost done growing! Whatever I am, Mom and Dad still love me!

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