And the Waves Came Crashing Down

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

My first day at the beach

Mom and Dad thought that since I was going to be a sailing dog, I needed to get use to the water. They bought me a special life jacket for puppies which gave me more buoyancy so it would be easier to swim. But, since I was so small, it wouldn't fit yet. I was ready. We were going to go to the beach! And I was excited. None of my brothers or sisters had ever seen a beach. We heard it was wonderful. Some people dream of taking vacations there to relax. There has to be all kinds of new sights and smells. We all got into the car, me in Mom's lap, and drove there.

There wasn't very many people there. And there were no dogs. It was a partly cloudy day in the evening. We found out that dogs aren't even allowed on there. I don't know why? We don't litter like the people do. Everything I do is biodegradable. Anyway, we were there, so we went. I wasn't even 9 weeks old and I wasn't going to run away from Mom and Dad. Where would I go? Mom and Dad would be scared someone would steal me, so they kept me very close to them. First we walked on the wet sand. This wasn't bad at all. The few children in the water seemed to like it. I wanted to go in, too.

Everyone at the marina loved me

Dad called my name, so I would follow him. Skipper. Skipper. That's what my new name was. They said that was my name because every boat needed a Skipper. Everybody laughed because I was a girl. We always told them, "Haven't you ever seen a female that was a Skipper or Captain?" That was how I became everyone's love on the marina. I was so submissive and loved everyone and every dog, how could they not.

This wasn't bad at all!

I followed Dad into the water. It was kind of cold, but felt good. I tasted it. Not so good! As a matter of fact I couldn't get that salty taste out of my mouth. There was no water out there I could drink. I thought I was going to die. But I kept playing, hoping it would get more fun. Then it happened. A huge wave came crashing down. I didn't like it. So Dad picked me up. I looked like a drowned rat. My fur was totally soaked, and sandy dirty. I wanted to go home, so we did.

Mom, Dad, I want to go home!

When we got home, little did I know, I was going to get my first bath. I didn't like it. But it did make me fluffy again and clean. It also made me smell really good, like lavender. And best of all, it made me very sleepy, so I went to bed and slept better than I ever have. That was a good day.

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