First Fix This......Then That

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Our new home! Where do we start?

After we got our new "home" in the water, we were kind of overwhelmed by all the things we needed to get done. The first and foremost for Craig was the installation of our air conditioner. We already did the sea strainer, so that was good to go. But, like everything else, we needed to find the parts so we could connect it. Turner Industrial

I'm not a seamstress!

became a well-used business. And Home Depot. We basically ended up replumbing the whole boat. That took lots of time, money and pain. Craig's knees were getting worse. The time in the boatyard going up and down the ladder didn't help. Come June he could start getting some of his medical fixed.

I had to cover everything!

While Craig worked on the inside where it was cooler for him, I covered the hatches, grab rails, grill, winches, and outboard motor. That was pretty frustrating. I'm not a seamstress and the last time I used a sewing machine was in Home Economics in high school. I had to modify the dinghy cover so that the Florida license number showed through. Getting the license was a joke, like the numbers for the boat. No one here

The grill and outboard motor, too!

seemed to know what to do. It was like we were the first people in Florida to ever buy a Canadian boat. It took us almost 2 months to get it all done. Back and forth to the DMV. We even had the FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) come to inspect the boat in

The old water heater Dad calls "the space gourd"!

the boatyard, which was totally unnecessary, but someone at the DMV said we had to because it was Canadian. And they didn't know what they were supposed to be doing either.

Nice! Two of these were recalled! So what else is new?

The water heater had to be replaced because it kept tripping the breaker. More plumbing. The water fixer for filtration needed a stronger pump, so that had to be replaced as well. It kept snowballing. One thing led to another which led to another which led to another. We finally mostly finished in November. We still had to put the generator back in the boat, and that was after we searched for all the remaining parts for it. They don't use that engine anymore. The rest of the stuff is all minor things. We

I replaced these, then the hose was leaking! Craig replaced that! Surprised? I think not.....

took it to a shop to make sure it was OK and good to be put back in. I replaced the propane tanks. The one for the grill I replaced while we were still up in Green Cove Springs. And the ones for the stove I replaced once we were down here. They were composite ones. I tried to get them filled and found out they were recalled. I had to use aluminum because nothing else would fit. Craig ended up replacing the hose in December because it was leaking.

At least Craig's stuff was getting fixed!

As for Craig's medical, he started by getting his cataracts taken out. That was right after we got Skipper. It was hard to walk Skipper and make sure he didn't fall down on the docks from all the medications they had him on. They did that in two surgeries, a week apart. Then, he had his knee worked on. He had a torn ligament. Everything is fine now. Soon we will take the boat out for a test run. We don't need the generator for that. All I can say is, we must be magical.


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