Here We Go!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

We were outside of Crackerboy Boatworks

We were finally somewhere where we could start working on the boat. And we wanted to get out of this place as fast as we could. So here we go! First was the hull. The keel and the impeller were pretty bad. We had someone come and take the impeller off and recondition it. While, they were doing that, we worked on everything that we needed to do while we were on land or "on the hard" in boat talk. The seacocks were an issue. We ended up pulling out all of them except for the one in the galley and for the engine. We even replaced the sea strainer for the air conditioner. That was a lot of brass, a lot of 5200 and a lot of sweat. And it was only in January. I was sweating bullets. Maria was always cold. She's cold at 100 degrees.

Our boat up on blocks

Seacocks don't only involve the through hull on the outside of the boat. All the piping inside has to be done. We did the right thing. We put flanges on the inside of the boat so it won't be a total redo when it has to be done. And with good boat maintenance, like greasing the flanges regularly, like we have, they'll last for a long time. That's basically everything we found wrong with this boat, no good boat maintenance. We need to replace all the hosing. You have to be a contortionist to perform those moves. As old as I am it isn't easy, especially with bad knees and eyes. Some how I was able to get it done, and it looks very clean and organized. And that was just the first one. This boat is out to kill me!

After Maria took off the cove stripes

Four seacocks out

While I was working on seacocks, when she wasn't helping me with them, Maria was working on taking the name off the boat. She said that was easy. What wasn't easy was the cove stripe. That took her a couple of days, all day long. We bought some striping, but it wasn't as easy as you would think to put it on. So we called someone to put on the cove stripe and someone else to put on our decals. Fort Pierce isn't the easiest place to get work done. They seem to do everything on their own time. And that time is slow time or no time. Something scheduled within two weeks took over a month to get done. But eventually it did get done and it looked beautiful.

Me in my bunny suit

Getting the ICW smile off the boat

When I wasn't working on seacocks, I was buffing and polishing the hull of the boat. We had to get a lot done before the girls came to do their thing. A lot of buffing, polishing and alcohol removal of any adhesive. Maria had a lot more patience than I had with that, because it was starting to get hot, and it was only January. I'm dreading summer already. Maria seems to be acclimating to the weather here much better than I am. Even the ladies doing their thing thought it was hot. Here we go! Another hot year.

Almost ready for the ladies to come

Maria taking off cove striping

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