Homeward Bound

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

There's grass at this place to play in!

We were finally on our way home, after the lady filled the car with gas. My new home was two hours away. I've never been that far before. Was this lady my new Mom, or was she someone else, bringing me to her, or was I a gift she was giving someone. No one told me anything. I was scared.

I liked this lady. I hoped she was Mom. She was nice. She was worried about me in the car because she wasn't ready for me to be there. She had no box or crate for me. There was no safe place. I was in the front seat and I wanted to explore because there was so much stuff in the back. So I crawled to the back seat, and under a bunch of stuff. That was fun because I could hide. Until I got stuck and started crying. Then,

Lovebugs all over the car!

since we were on the highway, she had to pull over to get me out. She put me back on the front seat and I crawled into her lap. She had to keep stopping though. Millions of love bugs kept hitting the windshield. That's a Florida thing. They always fly by twos. They were really in season and made a mess of the window. The lady said she was glad they invented Rainex windshield washing fluid. She cleaned the windows and started driving again. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up, we were home.

Where in the world are we? There are boats everywhere. There are fishing boats with 1000 hp engines. Trawlers that looked huge and comfortable. And sailboats with

This is home

huge masts and were really traditional. We were in a marina, the lady called it. Do we live here? I wondered what kind of boat we were going to live on, at least I hoped we were. There was some grass to play on, too. This place looked like it was going to be fun. So we walked down a big wooden sidewalk she called a "dock". Our home was the first sailboat on the left. I was hoping it was one of those. Those looked more majestic and cozy, like a den. It was a Jeanneau 43 Sun Odyssey DS. It was beautiful. The lady jumped onto the boat with me and we went down some stairs.

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