Hottest October on Record

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

This has been the normal thing since June

If September didn't kill Dad, nothing would. He was looking forward to October for nothing more than relief from the humidity and heat. When the calendar changed, did that relief come? No. It did not. Instead, what we got this year was something we totally

I was already hot at 10:00am

expected, after everything else that had happened. And of course, we happened to be here. The hottest October on record.

After all the hurricanes that passed around us, of course now we had to have record heat. Every day we were getting feels like 110° + for the heat index. Mom didn't think

We're getting tired

nothing of it, but she could see the toll it was taking on Dad. And that made her sad. It made her keep asking herself "Why did they buy a boat?" She somehow knew all along that she would fare better than Dad at it. She's always been able to adjust to the

I love this dog beach

temperature outside. Most people she knows can't do that. Most people always have some kind of artificial temperature adjustment going. She doesn't get it. It felt hot to me, too. But I have a lot more fur than she does.

Playing in the water is fun

Dad stayed inside a lot. Not just a lot, but all the time. It was just too hot. But Mom got a lot of stuff done outside the boat. Once in a while it got a little cooler and we went to the beach or the dog park. Once Dad, with Mom's help, even took the dinghy

The sand is cool

down and we went for a ride around the mangrove island. I liked that. But Mom forgot to put the battery in her camera that she was charging so she couldn't take a picture of my first dinghy ride.

I like running by the dunes!

It's always a treat for me to go to Walton Rocks Dog Beach. It's an off-leash park at Jensen Beach where dogs can run free. Where we live, that is the only place close to us that even allows dogs on the beach. I always expend all my energy there and can't drink

It's fun to hide in the dunes, too

enough water. Then we go home and sleep on our air-conditioned boat. And I dreamt good dreams because it was a good day.

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