I Live on a Boat!!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The lady brought me down the stairs. She told me it was a "companionway". I wondered why she went down backwards. Maybe she was scared of stairs like I am. I've never been in a boat before. Of course I haven't. I haven't been anywhere. I'm only eight weeks old. Then we were down.

It was weird in there, but cozy. It felt right. It felt good and safe. I liked it. Then I met a man. "This is your new Dad", she said. He immediately fell in love with me, and almost started crying. He said she picked the right one. Does that mean she is my new Mom? Dad didn't want to let go of me. Then the lady left. I started crying a little. Dad told me that Mom was going to buy some stuff because they had nothing for me.

My new bed, a toy, pink collar, and my new sailboat home.

In about an hour, she came back. Dad said it was like Christmas for me. She bought me a new pink leash and collar. It was pretty. She bought me my own little bed. I never had a bed before. Food was some Purina Puppy Chow because that's what they had me on and some Nutro canned food. Some pee-pee pads. I had no idea what those were. Toys. Lots of squeakie toys. Dad was right, it was like Christmas. I wasn't sure what that was either but it sounded good and fun.

I liked my new home. I explored on the floor. Oh-oh! There were more stairs. I turned around and went the other way. One set of stairs was to the aft berth, and the other to the forward or vee berth. In the main salon, they placed those pads. I was supposed to go pee and poop on those pads. I caught onto those quick. They were amazed. Both Mom and Dad had dogs before and couldn't believe how fast I caught on. My Mom said I had the skitters. In the morning, she called the veterinarian so I could have my first check-up and get rid of the diarrhea.

I was getting tired and wanted to take a nap. I put my head on my new bed and went to sleep for a while. When Dad went to bed he brought me in the aft berth with him. It was like a cave. It was so comfortable. After a while, Mom came to bed. It was a busy day for all of us, so we slept, and I was between them. I cried for my old Mom and Dad for a while, but when I realized I was safe here, I didn't need to. I had good dreams that night. I was home.

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