I Love My Big Family!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Mom and Dad worked on the boat a lot, as usual, but we had to go grocery shopping before the weekend. And, since we were close to a dog park, they took me there to play. When I got there, we were all alone. So Mom and Dad were throwing a frisbee, or disc as dog enthusiasts call them. I wanted to play, too, but I was kind of little still, even though Mom bought me some smaller ones. I mostly just ran around chasing them. That was hard work!

I want to play, too.

About twenty minutes later, a guy with another puppy came in. We were in a section for the little dogs. Mom thought they should have three sections, one for puppies, one for little dogs and one for big dogs. We ran around and around and around. By the time we left I was pooped. Dad and I waited in the car while Mom went grocery shopping. They always leave the air-conditioner running, so as not to overheat me, or Dad.

I'm going to get it!

Mom made quick work out of shopping. She knew the store well since she was the one always shopping while Dad was working. I usually stayed at home with Dad so she could go where she needed. I don't know why they won't let me go in grocery stores or even Walmart. Mom says it's because they serve food so it's an OSHA thing. I don't like OSHA!

The people are super nice here!

There are some stores I go in and they love me. Westmarine was the first one I went inside, then Marine Connection. They really love me in Marine Connection. A lot of them even know my name because we're in there so much. Another one is Ace Hardware, or East Coast Lumber here. My favorite store has been Home Depot. They give me dog biscuits there, if they have them. And other customers are always loving on me. I feel like I'm in heaven there.

My favorite place

The people in my marina love me, too. Lucy, a Schipperke, has a nice daddy that likes me. She is finally starting to warm up to me. Mom used to have a pair of them. They are live wires, but Lucy was a good girl. Very calm. Mom liked Lucy , too. They are good boat dogs. Sailors use to bring them on boats to chase the rats off them. Then we have another good girl. She's an older girl, Abbey. I'm not sure of her breed but she is about 13 years old. She's black, like Lucy, but has long fluffy fur and lots bigger. Mom doesn't let me bother the ones that don't like puppies a lot. These people know their dogs and Mom knows me. We all get along. Just like people should. It's kind of like being in one big family.

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