It's Finally Over!!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Putting our new boat in the water.

On the Fourth of July we reached Florida. Now it was time to get down to business. And that business was finding the boat we wanted. We had a lot of ideas about what we were interested in. Florida is actually quite a big state to travel. We started up and down the eastern shoreline. We looked at center cockpit boats because they seemed to have more room. Our first stop was in Titusville. One of the marinas was closed because it was destroyed by a hurricane. The city marina had a boat we looked at, but it really wasn't what we needed. We also looked at another one. It was a bank repo, but they never got back to us. It probably would have taken to much work to make it liveable anyway. We had more to look at, so off we went.

On the way to Florida, Craig got a job offer. So he started working Monday through Friday and it cut down our boat-looking time down to the weekends. Fort Pierce had a few good boats and it was about an hour away. So we looked at some of the boats that the broker had. I really liked one of them, a 46 foot Morgan, and I was starting to think that a 50 foot boat would be too much for us. What did I know? Craig was still set on one that big. He was the one with all the experience. So we kept looking. Then, another one showed up in Fort Pierce. Coral Seas. It was a Gulfstar and was actually quite nice, but I wasn't sold on it. They wanted too much for it. Craig really wanted it, but it was too expensive for him, too. But what we did get out of it was a broker. And that's what started it all.

Starting to clean it before we took it down South.

So every weekend we looked at sailboats all over Florida. We went from Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg to Merritt Island. Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach. We went everywhere. No boat really stood out to us. All those boats we saw on Yachtworld and Sailboat Listings just didn't pass our standards. We even looked on Craigslist. We put in a bid on two, but one was basically stolen from us, and the other the owner changed her mind. Getting tired of looking was an understatement. It was getting depressing. I took a part-time job because I was bored all week long. Then in November I found a boat located in Green Cove Springs. It was pretty far away. Up near Jacksonville. We did go and look at it. So did our broker. It was a five hour drive one way. We actually spent the night. It was a 2004 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS. We figured it was newer so it should have less work to do on it. "Vomo" was Canadian-owned. We wanted an inspection and sea trial. The owner came down from Canada for that. I had to work, so Craig went up there by himself, with his bad eyesight, in a thunderstorm. He came back and in a few days, we owned the boat. A boat we really couldn't afford. We found the boat that we now call "Time Passages". I was thinking and told Craig, little did I know it turned out to be right, it was just about the time everything would need to be replaced. That is where our journey really began.

What a way to spend Christmas!

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