Keeping Our Boat Covid-19 Free

Right now, our town does not have any infections, although we are up to 35 in Florida, with 2 dead. The way we see it, we are probably in one of the safest places we could be, in a marina. People that come here on boats are more than likely safe, because they've probably been on the water long enough not to have picked anything up.

My trip to Walmart

Power boats that come from southern Florida or the Caribbean are the ones I wonder about. Maybe from the Carolinas and Geogia, too. But all in all, the chances of getting anything from them would be slim to none.

So then we have to prepare in case we have to self-quarantine because everyone in town gets infected. We already have reserves because, once again, hurricane season is

The bleach aisle

almost upon us. We have enough to last for at least a month. Prepping all kinds of canned and dried types of food isn't as easy as it sounds. And finding places to store it on the boat is even a bigger challenge. When we rewired the batteries as well as putting in all kinds of different things such as a new water filter and plumbing, we made sure there was as much room as possible. Quarantining might not be necessary, but we're

Where's the toilet paper?

ready in case we have to. If it gets really bad we could just anchor out. Skipper won't like that! No walks.

When we go to the stores for our regular shopping, people panick-buying certain items has actually cleared the shelves. Toilet paper is like gold right now. Hand sanitizer, tissues, and antibacterial hand wash are gone, too. I was lucky to get some bleach for our water sanitization. Rice is in short supply. This is one I'm not really

The rice aisle

understanding. Flour. I'm sure all these people aren't going to be baking a whole lot. Who knows? Maybe they are. The one thing that doesn't seem to be in short supply is soap. Remember everyone should be washing their hands for 20 seconds? How do you do it with no soap? And water. They're doing a great job keeping that stocked.

So now all we have to do is wait and stay away from everyone else, and hope we don't get an infection. And remember, after you wash your hands, turn the water off with your paper towel and open the door with your elbow or use the paper towel so you don't reinfect yourself.

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