On April 3rd, 2020 at 12:01am, Florida's Governor finally decided to place us on lock down to try to lessen the blow of the by now well-known virus Covid-19. All beaches are closed, as well as restaurants, except drive-throughs and ones that offer delivery, and

They put up signs

other non-essential businesses and places of gathering, such as flea markets, sports, concerts and places of worship. This is to try to get people to practice more social

To remind us

distancing. You can still perform essential errands like grocery shopping, going to pharmacies as well as postal and packaging places. You can still walk your dog or other

To practice social distancing

pets. In other words, stay away from large groups of people and follow the rules those essential businesses have in place. We're trying to get rid of the virus, not spread it around.

Our marina restaurant is closed until further notice

The Treasure Coast counties already put themselves in lock down on March 22nd. They already were ahead of the rest of the state. People that visited here were mad that our restaurants and beaches were closed. You could tell where the county lines were. A

I still get my walks

whole bunch of people on the beaches but none on the Treasure Coast. They still have people on the beaches. Some people don't listen. We just want them to stay away from us.

I had my birthday party the Wednesday before the Treasure Coast lock down on March 18th! Mom made me a little birthday cake from crackers and turkey meat. It wasn't very

One of the fenders Mom cleaned

healthy for me but not too devastating. What was terrible was when Mom and Dad sang happy birthday to me. My ears will never be the same. I also got some treats. It all

Teak that was cleaned and oiled

seems so far away now. And a lot has changed. Mom's been doing a lot of busy work. Last week she cleaned the barnacles of the stern fenders. The past couple of days she

Sugar scoop for tomorrow

cleaned and oiled the teak. Tomorrow, the teak on the sugar scoop. I'll bet she can't wait!

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