My First Boat Ride

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

North Causeway Bridge going up for a sailboat.

The temperature started to go down slowly. But that was mostly after it rained, then it went back up. It was already autumn but it still felt like a hot Florida summer. Mom took me for walks in the park to get me out more. I liked Harbour Pointe. We could

Then it went back down.

watch the sailboats out in the inlet and the bridge going up and down. There always seemed to be something to look at there. Sometimes it was just the shorebirds, like Great Blue Herons and Egrets. I just liked to run around. But there was one thing we haven't done. And that was about to change.

A Great Blue Heron chilling by the shore.

I still haven't gone anywhere in our boat yet. I didn't know it moved. I just thought it was a home in the water. I was just a puppy. I didn't know anything. All I knew is that sometimes Dad started the "engine" up and it made a lot of noise. It kind of made the

There's one coming in for a landing!

boat shake, and I didn't like that. Well, one Saturday, Dad decided we needed to take the boat out for a spin out in the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway). Not for a long ride, but just long enough to check out some things.

Me at Maravilla Park. It was just too hot for me there.

We only had one major thing left to fix on the boat, but we didn't need it that day. The generator could wait. So we got the boat ready to go. We set up the dock lines for easy removal. I think Dad was nervous about hitting things because he left the fender

What's that noise Dad?

boards down, even after Mom asked him about them. He said leave them down. "We don't want to damage the boat, do we?", he asked. It didn't make sense to Mom. Everything went pretty well until we were just about out. The spare anchor got caught on

Mom, what are we about to do?

something. Dad fixed that. He told Mom she had to be faster. She said she couldn't. She couldn't be in two places at once. While she was taking the bow line off, one of the fender boards got stuck on the spring line. She would have been fine if he would have

I have my float coat on for safety!

taken them down. And she dropped the line in the water when that happened.

We were finally free and moving. I looked ready to go with my float coat on. I kept following Mom everywhere. We went under the South Causeway Bridge and everything seemed like it was working fine. I liked it out there. It was the same places I've seen

I really liked it out there!

from the shore. It smelled good. For a Saturday it was still calm and not extremely busy.

Then it happened. The engine started bogging down and the low oil alarm went off. Dad throttled down and it finally shut off. He checked everything, then brought it back up to full speed and it did it again. Dad started to flip out, then called TowBoatUS. That was the smart thing to do. We didn't want the engine to die in the channel or in

TowBoatUS to the rescue!

the harbor. Since they're in our marina, they were there within 15 minutes. After Dad tore apart the engine to remove the heat exchanger to get boiled out and refurbished, he found out there was a coolant problem. It would be in January until the engine guys could come and do that. So, we were down, yet another time.

Two tow boats came and brought us home.

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