My Scary Operation

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

After Bandit bit me, I recovered. My friend Luna and her family sent me a card. They had to go up North to get a new boat and haven't come back yet. Then I had to have my big operation. I was suppose to have it a month ago, but the doctor said it would be better if I waited. The only problem was, I went into heat. Mom knew. I don't know how she knew, but she did. Mom probably knew I was acting a little crazy, like human teenagers do. My operation was my spay surgery.

The doctor said I might bleed slightly more but I would be OK. All my tests were good and said I should be good to go. So we got up early and Mom and Dad took me there. They took me to a room and did the dirty deed. Where was Mom and Dad? I was scared even though I had some drugs that made me feel pretty good. I never even got to choose for myself whether or not to have this surgery. They made it for me. It will actually make me healthier in the long run they. I still wanted Mom and Dad to take me home.

It was a long time. In the afternoon they came and picked me up. They gave Mom and Dad drugs for me and a clear cone. They said it would go over my head. I said, "No way!" I'm not wearing that thing!" It was supposed to stop me from biting my stitches. I said it made me look silly. They said they would only make me wear it if I bothered my stitches. I didn't touch them. So I never wore it. See my leg where they shaved it for my IV?

Recovery sucked. My stitches started itching but I would not touch them. The loopiness from the drugs wore off. I was still very tired. So I slept. A long time. When I woke up in the morning, Mom took me for a walk. I really couldn't do much because Mom wouldn't let me. Not fair! But when I came home I wanted to sleep more. It took me about two weeks and I was as good as new.

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