Our First Christmas on Time Passages

This was my first Christmas. I'm only nine months old now. I didn't even know what it was. Mom and Dad really weren't doing a whole lot on the boat. Dad had to go up to Boston for his job. Mom would clean the outside and inside

Time Passages starting to look festive

of the boat while he was gone, and take care of me. Nobody was going to come to fix the engine until the middle of January. So our lives are pretty much at a standstill.

Dad didn't like it very much in Massachusetts because he didn't bring enough warm

Ducks in a snowy lake in Massachusetts

clothes. Being here in Florida, humans common attire is usually shorts and sandals. If it gets in the 50's, that is cold for here, but usually a light jacket will suffice, not a parka and gloves. Dad always complained about being hot down here. But it was 13° up there,

Different ducks than we have here in Fort Pierce

and it seemed like he quickly changed his tune. Mom jokingly said, "Is it cold enough for you now?" Then he sent us these pictures of a place with all this white stuff all over the ground. Mom said, "Look Skipper, it's snow!" That stuff looked fun!

That snow looks fun

Dad put up a few Christmas lights on the inside of the boat before he left. By the time he got back, Mom finished decorating the inside and the outside of the boat. Time Passages looked festive. Mom had one more decoration to put on the outside, but, with

Christmas lights in the companionway

the winds so strong and all the rain coming down she couldn't put it up until after Dad got back. And Dad had to put the wreath up because Mom is too short to reach where it goes. So the boat was ready.

The boat decorated

Christmas morning we opened presents. I got some treats, new collars and a Chuck-It. I was happy and we had a good day. I got a long Christmas walk. It wasn't a good beach day so we didn't go. Mom cooked a big Christmas dinner for us and we're still

Santa with a dog!

eating the leftovers. It was pretty quiet here in the marina. A lot of people went to visit their families.

I asked Mom what Christmas is. Why do we do all this? For Christians, believing

I opened presents!

that God came into the world in the form of man to atone for the sins of humanity is the primary purpose in celebrating Christmas. That was the day they guessed he was born. We do cooking and spending time together to celebrate. The presents come from

Merry Christmas!

the wise men giving them to baby Jesus. We usually go to church to celebrate as well. Christianity teaches you to love your neighbor as yourself and learn to forgive those that have wronged you. And know that God is always there for you. Merry Christmas!

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