She Was Waiting for Us

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

This our new boat, waiting in Green Cove Springs Florida.

We now owned a boat. We paid more for her than we wanted, but Craig figured she was newer so less would need to be fixed. She was only fourteen years old, as opposed to some of the others that were thirty or forty. He figured she should be pretty much turn key, with just a few problems. I figured she was just old enough to start having issues. All he was thinking about was reselling her. He thought it would be impossible to sell an older boat. I thought we would have got a better deal on an older boat. We might have spent more fixing her up, but if we did, she would sell well. But again, what did I know. So, instead, we were about to spend a fortune fixing up a boat we couldn't afford.

The first issue was bringing her down south to the Treasure Coast. She was in Green Cove Springs, a place I really liked. It was homey and cheap to work on the boat there on the hard. But, since Craig had to get back to work, he wanted to get closer to where we living before we came up here. That would have put us about an hour away in Fort Pierce. Our broker, who was also an ABYC electrician, lived there. So that place seemed perfect. So we made our plans to get down there. I had to leave my job, so I could pack and get ready for the move. They actually were sad I left. I had only been there since October, less time than I've ever had on a job in my entire life. So on January 8 we left for Green Cove Springs.

Quaint bed and breakfast in Green Cove Springs Florida.

It was there, that we spent a night in a lovely bed and breakfast called the River Park Inn when we were looking at the boat in the first place. Craig spent the night by himself when he came up for the inspection and sea trial. That was by far, the nicest place I've ever stayed. It was more 5-star than any of the hotels . It was like home. They treated you like family. I was totally blown away by their graciousness. I'll never forget it because it was so unlike any other place, and it was a piece of the town's history.

Historic River Park Inn bed and breakfast

We had no idea what we would find when we arrived. We were planning on leaving the next day. Luckily, the boat was in the water when we got there. We had to wait for the previous owner to come and show us some of the stuff on the boat. We put up the dodger and the bimini. We went up there on Christmas and cleaned the deck. The temperature was pretty cold up there, as compared to south Florida. And a lot drier. But she still had lots of algae from sitting around there for two years. She actually started to look nice. Like someone was about to love her again. She was starting to come alive.

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