Sizing Up the Stock

We went to the herding place at Draxen Farms again on Sunday. Ever since that first time, we went back the next week,

The sheep were "baahing" at me

but they pulled both Mom and Dad to help me out, so I didn't have anything to post. I did a tiny bit better that time. I still didn't trust those things that went "Baaa". They kept giving me the evil eye and made me feel a little uncomfortable. They huddled all

We had a stare down

around Mom but she didn't mind. I think she even liked it. Mike, the trainer, told Dad that they were trained to do that. That was supposed to make training the dogs easier,

I don't think they can beat me

since it's all about the dogs bringing them to you. I chased the ducks a little, too, but it was very little.

This weekend it was a little different. I went up to the little corral in the middle

I love your haircuts!

and started looking at the sheep. They started staring back at me. I went closer and even put my nose through the fence. Of course I never went in. I'm not crazy! I saw

I'll bet you guys feel better now

Mara the helper dog again. She was just as awesome as ever. She was busy helping a Red Merle Australian Shepherd. He was doing great! He was following Mara working the sheep.

I'm getting hot out here!

The sheep all got a haircut so they weren't all fluffy any more. They were all kind of nice to me today. It was probably because I didn't laugh at their haircuts. Maybe we can do a truce and work together. What do you guys think? Anyway, they had too many dogs,

They said I should get my hair trimmed, too! That's a good idea.

this time, so we just left. It's a pretty popular place. Even some of the Aussie Rescues take some of their dogs there. I like it there, even though I get a little over-excited. They even have tubs of water so we can cool down. Maybe next time.....

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