The Great Escape!

Our new marina home

It was almost April and we were trying to leave the boatyard. We wanted to leave on Saturday but they couldn't fit us in. The last three boats that tried to leave had to get hauled back in. They started to leak after they were in the water. If anyone should leak it should be us. We replaced almost every seacock and the strainer as well. This was the first time we've ever done this. But, on the other hand, we spent the time to make sure everything was as right as we could make it. We were going to make sure nothing was going to make us sink.

Off the hard, for at least a couple of years

The bad thing about leaving today, instead of tomorrow, was we were the last boat out. They were going to be in a hurry to set us free so they could go home. It was April Fool's Day, too. Would it be bad luck to leave today? A couple of others never left. One that got pulled back in yesterday left today. That gave me some sort of hope. All we could do was pray.

Craig is glad we're here

We had no shortage of people helping us. We even had one of the guys that put the prop back on check it when we were in the water. That was the same problem the guy next to us had. But that guy did that part himself. Maybe he shouldn't have done it himself. I think everyone in the boatyard, the workers, the engine guys and all the other boaters were wondering if we could leave. After all, we have been living there for 10 weeks.

The sunset that night was amazing

I went up the ladder to the boat to grab something before we left. I knew they were in a hurry. Oh no. I'm stuck! The Travelift was already doing its thing, moving the boat back to the water. I just figured I could take some great pictures up there! So I I'll take videos. It is kind of hard because the boat is shaking quite a bit. I wasn't planning on being up here. After they got to the dock, everyone else came on and checked for leaks. What did they find? Not a thing! Nothing! We are good to go.

It is less than a 10 minute ride to our marina. We have a year's lease there. It is a nice place. It is one of the better marinas in Fort Pierce, with decent internet and cable. The laundry is kind of expensive and kind of crowded. There is a new pool under construction. Parking. That's another story. All in all, we are home.

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