The Hottest Summer Ever

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It was September now and the weather continued to be hot and humid, with no end in sight. Mom wouldn't even take me out in the middle of the day because I just wanted to go back inside. But she liked it, all the while it was killing Dad. Mom knew Florida

The water on Indian River choppy after Hurricane Dorian.

wasn't for him a month after they were on the boat. She told me so. It was only May and he was already sweating buckets. What's going to happen in Summer?

He kept working on the boat. They redid all the electric and the wiring. Some of the stuff they found was dangerous. Before they got off the hard, they had to replace all the batteries, an inverter charger

I'm too hot at 11:00 am!

and battery monitor. Then they had to connect it all, so everything made sense because the way it was, made none. They put in a new air conditioner! If we didn't have one, Dad would have died. Maybe even me! We put in a new water heater, too. And we Americanized the water system, putting in a new Water Fixer filter.

I like my car seat.

Mom worked on deck. The first thing she did was made me a safety net. It took her about a month and a half to finish it. She couldn't believe how much leechline it took her to secure it. But it looked beautiful. She also put our new numbers on the dinghy, altering the cover so that they would show through. She made winch and windlass covers, hatch covers, grab rail, grill and outboard motor covers. She was a covering fool.

The mother lode of oyster shells.

She took me for all my walks because Dad's knee still hurt from his surgery, but it was getting better every day. I liked it when she took me to Harbour Pointe Park. It was right around the corner from where they had the boat on the hard. It was right on the Indian River. Sometimes she let me go in the water and sometimes she went in the back by the oyster shells. There were millions of them. Now we don't go that way anymore because we saw a sign that said not to. It might have been there before but Mom never saw it.

Woody the woodpecker.

The boat slowly got back to order since the hurricane. Two more months to go for "hurricane season" to be over. Dad continued working on everything. We now had new boards for the jerry jugs, new halyards for the flags, new lines for the sails, new hangers for the lines, new steaming light, deck light, cockpit lights, weather station, new aft head

Mockingbird, the state bird.

and even a new lift for the aft berth. We changed out almost every pump. He put in

alarms and even made a backup bilge pump. If ever there was a sailboat that was turn key, this boat would be it. About all that was left was the generator. And it was waiting in the trunk of the car ready to be put in. But Dad's leg had to get better first. And, so did the weather.

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