The Worst Day of My Life

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

On the deck of my boat keeping watch

The days went by quickly, and almost every day was the same. Hot, sticky, and more hot. In the middle of the day I didn't even want to go outside. I was happy for our air conditioning. I don't know where I came from, but I don't think my family came from Florida. The heat doesn't seem to bother Mom. She will be on the boat working all day long, but Dad, about 15 minutes and he's back inside. No one around here seems to like it.

Staying in the shade because it's too hot

Dad has cataracts and needed to have an operation to take them out, one eye at a time. Mom didn't understand how he was driving, but he was. We had to go to Vero Beach. That's where I got my favorite toy, Chauncey. I guess something good came out of all the waiting we did for Dad and all his appointments, besides of course Dad's eyes getting better. Mom took advantage and bought me toys, like frisbees and Kong chews. I didn't like the Kongs. They tasted like rubber. But she did get me something I really loved, and that was pig ears. Then she had to stop giving me those because there was too much bad press about them, even though the ones she was giving me didn't have any problems. Maybe she'll give me more because they haven'y been in the news for a long time.

See my big nose? This is the best picture we have of it, even though it's blurry.

I like to go on deck when Mom waters the boat. That takes quite a while to do. Our boat has tanks for 160 gallons. It makes me feel free and if some of the people walk by they always want to pet me, like Uncle Bart and Aunt Terri. Mom finished my safety netting. It took her two months to finish it, but it looks beautiful and keeps me safe. She had to keep going back to Marine Connection to get more leechline. She thinks she used at least 600 feet of it. She wanted to do it the right way.

My safety netting

Then we went on our nightly walk. We walked down to the fuel docks, up to the little boat yard, where Mom plays hide and seek or fetch with me. I'm finally getting fetch. Then I got tired. We walked up to A dock, down by the laundry room and then we were on our way home. A dog named Bandit was laying down by the pool fence with his lady friend, as we were walking by. Then, all of a sudden, with no warning, he grabbed me by the lip. I started yelping. She couldn't control him. Then one of my friends, on his way to the pool, hit Bandit on the nose with a towel. He let go and Mom grabbed me and took me home. She warned all my dog owners on the way back. Dad was furious. He went out to find them. Mom took care of me, and could tell he only injured my lip. It might scar, though. I was OK but I went to the doctor the next day for pain killers and antibiotics.

My friend Luna gave me my purple squeaker

One of my friends, Erin who had a beautiful chiweenie named Luna bought me a purple squeaker that I still have to this day. They left to go up North to buy a boat, which was nicer than the one they just sold. They are supposed to be back in November because of the weather. It was a terrible day, but my friends made it all OK.

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