Was all this by Accident or an Act of God?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

We put all of our remaining possessions in that trailer and the back of our SUV. Goes to show you how much is really important in the end.

We started talking about what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. Craig and I met in 2016 and the goal planning started not long after. We both liked the beach and were brought up by the water, but more him than me. His parents had a boat up in Long Island, so vacations and picnics out on the water were a usual thing. He owned three sailboats already, as well. Me not so much. But I did have friends in high school and we'd go out to Chesapeake Bay on their parent's boat and go fishing. That was probably the most fun I ever had in my childhood. After that, I just settled for going to the beaches up and down the eastern shore. The biggest problem that we had now was that we were in Colorado.

Craig suggested I take scuba lessons and sailing classes. I took the scuba and I couldn't finish because I had bad sinuses and wouldn't make the instructor responsible for my life. Sailing, Craig and I took together. Then things got interesting. All was going well until Craig got a job offer in Honolulu in July of 2017. He packed up and moved there, leaving me in Colorado for five months until I retired from my job and joined him. I ended up taking the sailing by myself and he never finished, although it was just a refresher for him. We always looked at the boats for sale there, but mostly people that brought their boats there never sold them. It was a huge boat graveyard. Old boats. Dilapidated boats. Mostly junk boats that once were beautiful. Like I said, they came there to die.

I often wondered if I was crazy giving up my job. I was making good money although some say the hours sucked. Graveyard shift. When I had my kids I could be with them during the day and do school things. To me that was important. Now that they're grown, I wanted to do something else. I wasn't ready to "retire". Just from there. I figured God would watch out for us. He always seemed to be there. Then in the spring of 2018 Craig's contract was over. We went back to Colorado, bought a new truck, cleaned out the remaining storage unit that I packed before I left, and moved to Florida. We arrived there on the Fourth of July. Our objective at this point was to find our boat, because, after all, we were in the boating capital of the world.

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