We Would Have Lost Everything!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Hurricane Dorian before it hit the Bahamas.

Tropical depression Dorian was a very slow-moving storm. Starting out by Africa, where most of the Atlantic storms do, it slowly kept going West towards Florida, the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean. Just when they had it tracked, it would turn and go a different way. We were right on top of its movements. Mom always looks at

The bread aisle at Walmart five days before Dorian was supposed to hit Fort Pierce.

www.windy.com and followed it religiously there. She isn't an expert sailor, not really one at all yet, but she does know wind. Hurricanes are a little more predictable than tornadoes, which was what she was use to in Colorado. Tornadoes can bounce, hurricanes just continue in their own destructive path. Either one is bad when you live on a boat.

The soup aisle.

Dad and Mom had to make a plan on their next moves. They tried to get it hauled out. That is what the insurance companies suggested. But, since all the snowbirds from Canada had their boats already hauled out for the summer, there were few places left. I think you have to be on a waiting list for hurricane haulout. So they protected the boat as much as they could. They taped up all the windows to prevent leakage. Everything that wasn't needed on deck, like the dodger, bimini,and jerry jugs were taken down and stored below. Then they had to think about what they should keep on the boat in case it was hit. They took all the important stuff and put it in our SUV. They got another storage unit to put the stuff in. Mom basically moved everything. Dad was working on the boat. Building fender boards. Double tying lines. And me? I was getting more scared, because I didn't have a clue what was going on! Mom saw my anxiety.

The marina preparing.

It was getting closer. Dad kept saying it's supposed to turn. Mom kept saying, "I'll believe it when I see it. I'll believe it when it's so far away it can't possibly turn back. Then I'll say it's missed us." Maybe Mom is too much of a "what if" kind of person. A realist. Mom went to Walmart and bought 2 weeks worth of emergency supplies. The stores food supplies were slim pickings. And this was 5 days before it was supposed to go by us. She bought batteries, food, and even food for me. We brought our ditch bags which had a ton of emergency equipment that Mom stocked herself including walkie talkies and PLBs. She made sure the car was full of gas. Then they started watching Windy again. Even if it didn't "hit" us, we would get some extremely strong winds. They made reservations in an opposite direction from everyone else. They went Southwest, back to where they stayed before we bought the boat. They took dogs, like me.

How close Dorian came to Fort Pierce before we left.

Almost everyone was out of the marina. Most went to Orlando, which was still in the hurricanes tentative path. Then it came. Our emergency evacuation. It was for everyone on the east side of US 1. Saturday afternoon we left. I was scared to death. I sat in Mom's lap the whole way. I didn't like the elevator. I was shaking. I liked the couch and

Our hurricane safe place. Chauncey was there with me!

the room, though. Mom took me for some walks that I liked, too. Even Dad came on some. All we could do was wait. On September 1st, Hurricane Dorian as a Category 5, wiped out Grand Bahama Island, Marsh Harbor and the Abacos. That's where we were planning on going. On Wednesday, when it had sufficiently passed us, we came back. Everything looked good. I liked the pretty sunset off the bow. I was glad to be home once more.

A beautiful after storm sunset.

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