Where in the World Am I ?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I don't know where I am, but it feels like a cave.

I wasn't always a liveaboard puppy on a sailboat. Life use to be so different, but let me try to tell you from the beginning, so we can all get our bearings straight. This is how it all began.

In the middle of Florida, in the heartland, in farm country to simple folks, I was born to a couple of Australian Shepherds. My Mom was an AKC but Dad wasn't. So I had no papers, because technically I wasn't a true purebred. I was one girl, of two, in a litter of six. One of my brothers a neighbor wanted so he was close to Mom and Dad. Sometimes the owners keep one or two of the puppies, but I wasn't one of those either. The bottom line was I had to go to a new home.

I had no idea what was going to happen to me. Were any of my brothers or sister coming with me? I didn't know that either. I knew nothing and no one would tell me. All I could do was wait, and wait, and wait.

One day the farmers got a phone call. The people wanted a girl. But they only wanted one. Whoever they wanted was going alone. They lived two hours away and they said they would come at high noon the next day. I was scared. What if no one wanted me?

My sister to the right

When they came, only a lady showed up. The man had to work, so she drove all that way by herself. She looked at me and couldn't believe I was still available. I was the one they wanted but they didn't know if I was a boy or a girl from the ad. The farmers only brought the girls. I was here, so I was a girl.

The lady was so nice and smelled good. Not like perfume, but clean and pretty. She was older, too. It only took her a few minutes to choose me. After a while I was set to go home with her. I didn't even know where we were. We were at some Racetrac gas station. The lady thought it was weird she met us there, but at the same time she felt safe there. People out in the country in Florida might not be like the are in Colorado, where she'd been living for the last thirty years. Everything went well, and best of all, she got me. Mom filled up the SUV with gas and we were on our way to my new home.

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My name is Skipper and my Mom and Dad are helping me bring you this sailing blog, recipes, and lots of cool stuff for your house or even a sailboat like we have! Woof!



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